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Gait Analysis Lab

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Gait analysis evaluates the movements of the entire body while walking.  The dynamic gait analysis system at Orthopedics East is designed to assist our providers with detecting potential foot, ankle, and lower extremity problems in our patients. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are better able to analyze both running and walking gait and measure key kinematic angles to detect subtle abnormalities in a runner's gait pattern.

Our gait analysis lab consists of:

  • Cameras and videos to record a person walking and running
  • Computers to analyze how a person walks

What are the benefits of gait analysis?

  • Show the exact movements of the body as a person walks
  • Suggest changes in a patient's exercise regimen
  • Detect subtle irregularities in a patient's gait pattern that may be causing pain or recurring injury
  • Predict what type of muscle, tendon, or joint surgery (orthopedic surgery) would be helpful
  • Evaluate the success of orthopedic surgery that has been done